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Short Story: The Unfolding

The Unfolding


“So, what’s you’re name?” Questioned the man at the end of the table. He was a tall dark haired man wearing a black and white suit. He seemed buffer than the others and was easily describable as the leader. “Fine, if you won’t speak up, I will. My name is Bruce. I am the leader of this gang. Since you ain’t talkin so much I guess that’s a good thing, we don’t need no tattlers up in here. Alright, so for now we have seen that you can kill. Them cops be wondering who did it and are gonna give up by now. So you got yourself into our gang, you’re lucky cuz not too many of them outsiders get the privilege to get in with us. We be making big money up in here. Alright, so our next people who we gonna tear down, now bear with me, this ain’t gon be easy, we gon take down the PIS, or Philadelphia Investigation Service.”

Chapter 1

Marcus stepped out of his apartment building located in 1334 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147. He wasn’t the richest guy, but he loved the city feel. He lived right by the rivaling Pat’s and Geno’s Steaks. Every morning he would either go to one of those food shops or visit a new one. People asked him which one he liked more. He would always respond with “It’s all based off of what you like. Pat’s is warm and has cut up bread and many different selections, while Geno’s has cold flat bread and not too many options.” He may of put in a tone where he seemed unsure but it was easily describable that he was lured towards the Pat’s side. Marcus may seem like an over average weighted person but he was very muscular and tall, about 6 foot 4 with brown hair and green eyes. He was 24 and athletic. Every morning he’d go out and run a few miles, then practice basketball for a little bit. After all of that the real stuff began. Around 10 am Marcus’ job started. He’d been working for PIS ever since he dropped out of his first year in college at 19. PIS is a new organization that was created in 2020 and Marcus just happened to be one of the first 5. It was 2025 now and PIS had a good and bad reputation. They were frowned upon by the PPD (Philadelphia Police Department) because they were afraid of getting taken over and losing their title as the official protectors of Philly. The citizens looked up to PIS because they solve the unsolvable and are not afraid to get their hands dirty or take risks.

The clock struck 11:05. “Marcus! You’re late!” Shouted the founder of PIS, Troy. “I-I’m sorry. I was talking to this girl I met and we just lost track of time.” Marcus explained. “Marcus you and your women! What’s more important, the lives of many people or your social life?” Questioned Troy. “I’m afraid that my answer is incorrect.” Said Marcus. “Whatever! Today is an important day, because we have a new recruit!” Marcus sighed, he hated grading the the application form. Boring answers, boring questions. He could usually just tell  by the appearance of the person that they couldn’t make it into PIS.

A few days later Marcus got around to finishing the application, and for the first time in a year, Chris, had been accepted into PIS. He seemed buff, smart, and sneaky so he decided to let him in. After Marcus got his cheesesteak this morning he headed to work, this time he got Geno’s because he wanted a change for once. He was unsatisfied once again. As he arrived at the PIS headquarters his crime agent, Will, greeted him with a new big assignment. Will explained that there was a new gang rising in Philly and it was planning to take down PIS. “What is this gang, how many people are there, are they powerful?” Questioned Marcus. “I don’t really know, but there is only one way to find out.” replied Will. “You have to join the gang.”

Chapter 2
“Alright, so to be the good guy, you have to become the bad guy. I need you to do what the gang says, because if you act suspicious they might suspect something. Also try to be quiet, if you talk too much you could screw up and accidentally slip something. Now before you ask how to get into the gang, I did some research before you got here,” Will paused, signaling to Marcus to grab the pen and paper. Marcus grabbed the pen and paper and signaled back to Will to continue. “Anyways, this gang is smart. It’s not any typical ‘meetup with us and you’re in’ gang, you’re gonna have to get your hands a little dirty,” Will glanced at Marcus, Marcus’ emotions didn’t change when he said ‘get your hands a little dirty’. Marcus wasn’t the most Fruits Of The Spirit kind of guy. “You’re going to have to kill someone.” Explained Will. Marcus raised an eyebrow, asking as if this was all he had to do. “Are you kidding? That’ll get me caught and sent to jail,” Will changed his mind, maybe Marcus was thinking the opposite of what Will had assumed. “Killing and getting away ain’t no easy thing.” Exclaimed Marcus. “Well well, I assume you’ll be able to get away with it, I mean, it’s either that one person or our whole association. And plus, if they take down us think of the reputation they’ll gain. Philadelphia will change from the home of the cheesesteak to the real life version of gotham city! Listen! We have to get into this gang, they’re pretty much the only way we have of taking them down, anyways do you-” “Okay okay I’ll do it, but if I get caught I’m gonna be so mad.” Marcus had interrupted Will. “Okay finally, I don’t wanna sound cruel or anything but you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyways, the only true evidence I’ve found of how to join the gang is to kill a person on ‘South Street’ between ‘Front Street’ and ‘10th Street’. They are said to have cameras set up to view who is worthy of joining. Alright you ready?” Questioned Will. “I Guess.” Marcus Replied.

Chapter 3

It was 3 am, Marcus’ phone rang with the emergency PIS tone. This was not good, this was never good. The last time this went off was when a bomb was found in the PIS HQ and there was only 10 minutes left until ignition.  Marcus answered the phone as he heard faded police sirens in the distance. What drunkard was driving now Marcus questioned to himself. “Hello, this is Will. No time to talk. All I have to say was I was back on the site where it told us how to join the gang, I was looking at the publisher, it was published by the Philadelphia Police Department.” Marcus dropped the phone. The police sirens were getting closer and closer. They weren’t looking for a drunk man, they were looking for him. Marcus grabbed his pistol from under his bed and grabbed a sheet of paper. The sirens were getting louder and louder, but still weren’t close enough to be by his house. He wrote on the paper:

Dear Wife,
I have been asked for an unexpected work assignment in Florida. I will be gone for about 2 weeks, love you and I will miss you greatly. Sorry it was short notice at 12 at night and you were out watching the 12 o’clock showing of whatever movie so I didn’t want to bother you.
Call you later,

Marcus hoped this would fool the cops at least a little bit. The cops were surely at his apartment now. Marcus never really posted anything on the internet because of his job and mostly kept quiet, so hopefully they wouldn’t find any info about him not having a wife and wouldn’t find any sign of his work. As he shut the back door of his apartment and quietly fled he saw the police surrounding the front and back of his apartment. Luckily he was on the first floor and was able to leave easily. He never really talked or said anything to his apartment neighbors so they were out of the way. Suddenly hate filled with Marcus. He realized that Will was an idiot and caused all of this to happen. The thought of Will reminded him of his phone. He also left his phone on with the call still going with Will. Marcus never really charged his phone and he remembered it being at 3% so hopefully with the call still going on and all of his apps running in the background the phone would’ve died by now. Then question filled his mind. How did the cops track down his location. Maybe they showed the murder video to a few locals and they were able to tell his location. Suddenly he ran into a buff body. As he stumbled onto the ground the man was wearing a dark hoodie and ripped jeans. The man picked up Marcus by the shirt and said four words. “Hello. My name’s Bruce.”

Chapter 4

“As you might already know, my name is Bruce, and this is my buddy None, he ain’t got no name because he ain’t want one. You Feel?” Marcus nodded. “You a smart man, you see, them folks believed that you went to Florida for a trip. You got some time ‘cause Florida is out of the PPD’s jurisdiction. Right now they tryin to track down you’re so called wife, but they think she might’ve hid because she didn’t want too many cameras in her face. You got guts though, nobody has ever killed a man on the busiest street in Philly, or at least in the public where everyone can see. Why’d you do such a thing though?” Questioned Bruce. “Well, I wanted to get in a gang. And this one seemed like the best of the best, so I went online and looked for any possible way to get in. This one site told me to go in the busiest street in Philly and eradicate a person. The website seemed sketchy but I believed it. Later that night I was checking the website again and I noticed it was published by the PPD. At that moment I realized I was screwed and that’s when the police came.” Explained Marcus. “Well now that I know you passionate about your gang life and you aren’t a fake, I’ve gained trust in you.” This made Marcus feel good. His mind was racing right now, he did not know what he just got himself into.
About a week later Marcus had still not left the room he woke up in and chatted with Bruce in. His head had been aching probably due to Bruce knocking him out and dragging him here. Marcus had no idea where he was and had no outside connections. Bruce was a very trustable guy, if you took away the fact that he was the leader of Philly’s most feared gang, or at least rising to that position. Marcus was waiting in this secretive room because they were waiting for the chatter to die down about Marcus. The news were still all focused around the random killing done by Marcus. This wouldn’t die down for long. Marcus was treated well for being the newest recruit to the gang. He had a TV, 3 meals a day, and an Xbox available when bored. Of course the only game on it was Grand Theft Auto, go figure. Marcus didn’t play much Xbox or watch TV unless there was something new about him. Most of the time he just thought about his life. He couldn’t bear to recognize that he had brought a person out of the world. They were gone, never to be seen again. This was devastating to Marcus. He could not handle the fact the people did this horrid thing all the time. He realized how evil the planners of 9/11 were, which is still recognized to this day. Will Marcus’ murder still be recognized 10 years after the incident. What seemed like another year of agony and terror, Marcus was finally released from his cage. Marcus had not viewed a mirror in at least 1-2 months, or however long he had been in that horrid room. When Marcus did he was shocked. He did not look like himself at all. He was completely different. His whole face had been changed. I guess this was a good thing, after Marcus finished showering a few things were waiting for him in his new recruit room. Fake ID, fake drivers license, fake backstory, fake yearbook, fake everything. Marcus’ life had been completely changed, and all for a stupid PIS organization.

Chapter 5

The gang had not once changed Marcus’ clothing which was lucky for Marcus, because in his pocket remained his PIS organization ID. As Marcus switched his clothing he quickly switched the ID from pocket to pocket. Today was the day he was going to go back to PIS to get things straight. As Marcus arrived upon the gates he flashed the ID card and walked it. It was very easy to break into the building but there was security near the entrance. The security rushed Marcus and piled him onto the ground. Marcus was asked many questions but after a few minutes they finally believed that he was Marcus, but kept an eye on him just incase. He greeted all of the fellow members of PIS but was looking forward to his arrival upon Will. As soon as he reached Will out of no where Marcus’ fist came flying into Will’s jaw. Will wasn’t the strongest person out there, well, not strong at all. He fell to the ground. A few chuckles and murmurs. “He had it coming to him.” A random voice said from the crowd. After Will got up and Marcus finished greeting all of the members, he was surrounded with many questions. One after another, and it seemed like he had just been hit with a Tsunami of words. Then there was one final question asked by Troy. “So, what do we do next?” Marcus knew exactly what he would do, and how he would do it. “We have to finish what we started. We have to take down the gang that saved my life. We have to end this stupid thing!” The crowd was riled up and pumped to see what Marcus would say, on the other hand they were discomforted because they didn’t know what they were going up against. “While you may have noticed I have been gone for a few months, I have been using that time wisely. I have came up with a plan that will destroy the gang that started this whole thing. The gang has scheduled an upcoming dinner where they will discuss further plans within the gang. I volunteered to become the chef, why you might ask? I volunteered because I am going to poison the leader of the gang’s soup along with all of the others at the dinner. This dinner is only for the top leaders of the gang, and without them, the gang will go into anarchy. While the gang is confused and stressed that is when we will strike them when they least expect it. The gang will be gone for sure. Any questions?” Explained Marcus. One person raised their hand, the newcomer. “I have a question, when will this be happening.” Asked Chris. Marcus explained further details to the PIS. As Marcus arrived back at the Gang HQ he was questioned by Bruce what he did. “Oh you know, just wandered around. I mean you obviously need some fresh air after 2 months of being locked in a room. I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art if you want to be specific.” Informed Marcus. Marcus lived the next week of his life meeting up with PIS and using the same excuse with a different location each day. Marcus got under his covers and thought about his past week. A bunch of boring planning, he wanted to get to the real fun. Marcus rested his head on his pillow. His mind cleared his thoughts and he fell asleep. This was the last time he would sleep on this pillow, in this room, in this facility, in anything owned by this stupid gang.

Chapter 6

The PIS organization had developed a poison that was identical to the soup that he was preparing for the dinner. Just a drop on your tongue would kill you. Marcus had prepared a pretty good soup overall, he tasted it before dropping the poison in each bowl. As he handed out the bowls the gang members thanked him for his service. Marcus watched as they enjoyed the soup. He got many great comments on the taste and the poison hadn’t seemed as if it had an effect yet. Suddenly every member had dropped dead. Marcus smiled with success. He killed them, it was this easy. After the whole struggle that he had been through he had killed them this easy. He did not feel any guilt after murdering these people. They didn’t have lives, they didn’t have family, they weren’t known, unlike the man he had murdered on the street. Now the rest of the plan was in the hands of his fellow PIS members. He exited the building, the meeting room being one of the closest to the door. He hadn’t had any sight of any PIS members. He left a call going in the room so Will would recognize when the gang members realized the death of their peers. Marcus was in a good mood as he headed in the direction of the PIS HQ. It wasn’t the closest place and he had to take a taxi to get there every day, or he would run if he was in a good mood. He decided to run to the HQ today. He reached the PIS HQ and something was odd about the entryway, it was open. The entry to PIS was never opened to outsiders. Marcus also couldn’t see any guards either. Something strange was going on, and it was obvious. Marcus had left his gun at the gang HQ because he wanted to get out unnoticed without heading towards his room incase he saw a fellow gang member on his way. As Marcus sneaked his way into the HQ he heard gunshots and screams. There was definitely a large fight going on. Most likely between the gang and PIS. “You may have thought you could stop us with your sneaky plans! But we’re more advanced than you thought!” A voice shouted. Marcus realized this was not any voice, but this was Bruce’s. He thought that he killed Bruce in the dinner. This must mean all of the people at the dinner were fake and everyone was over here ambushing PIS while Marcus was at the gang HQ wasting time. A fist came out of no where and hit Marcus. He dropped to the ground.

Chapter 7

Marcus woke up strapped to a chair, he couldn’t move anything or even talk. All he saw was 2 people, Chris and Bruce. Marcus tried to scream traitor but only mumbles came out. Bruce knew exactly what Marcus was screaming. “Oh you might think Chris is a traitor, but have you not looked at yourself in a while? You’ve killed more people than half of the gang members have! You don’t deserve to be in PIS. You became a double agent and planned to kill your fellow gang members, people who trusted you. Those people at the table, they weren’t our gang leaders, they were innocent people we payed to act. You may have thought you killed us but you have just murdered 6 more innocent people. That’s 7 innocent people! You know how many lives you have affected! You may think you’re smart for coming up with that plan, but really you’re just a big idiot. You see a year after PIS was created I wanted to join. You didn’t accept me and you said I was horrible in front of the whole staff. Incase you didn’t remember me, I was your best friend Mike as a child, and we grew up together up until 8th grade where you’re parents won 500 thousand dollars in the lottery and you moved to another neighborhood and changed schools. I wanted to join PIS as a chance to reunite and become friends again. I guess not, I was so embarrassed that my old friend already owned an organization, rejected me, and forgot totally about me. That night I robbed a store just for the heck of it because I was so mad. I ended up going to jail and I just kept going back because I couldn’t control my self. While I was in jail I became stronger and buffer and came up with a plan to make you feel the pain that I did. Well it ended up my way, and I’m glad. I don’t really care what happens next. All that matters is that I get my revenge. Now you may ask how all of this happened and why the good guy doesn’t win, well I will explain. Chris was also a person that tried out for PIS a long time ago. Chris and I ended up meeting in jail together because he had also been undergoing stress. We had changed our face and I changed my name to Bruce. We had gathered up other jailmates to form a large gang. They were all informed of our plan, PKM, or Plan Kill Marcus. We sent Chris to re-apply for PIS and he was accepted. Throughout his time at PIS he was feeding us information. The time was perfect when we had you in our hands, Chris told us every little detail about your plan. We came up with a plan, while you were busy murdering innocent people, we stormed over to PIS while they were exiting the building. While they were exiting we snuck in at the last moment, killing the guards. Since the guards were dead this sent an alarm to Troy, who commanded everyone to come back to the PIS HQ and find out what happened. An all out battle occurred and you came in in the middle of it. Luckily one of our members was able to knock you across the head and keep you asleep until the end of the battle. Yes, your plan failed and my plan didn’t. What do I do from here? I don’t really know, but the present is what matters.” Marcus’ mind was blown, but before he had enough time to comprehend everything that just happened, Bruce pulled out his pistol, aimed it at Marcus, and pulled the trigger.

The End

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